Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival



Philadelphia Weekly: Philadelphia’s Jewish & Asian American film fests start soon

Philadelphia’s Jewish Film Festival starts on Nov 7-21 and Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival starts on Nov 12-22. Thanks for the write up Philadelphia Weekly!


“We’re proud to say we’re now the largest Asian-American Film Festival on the East coast,” Buscher adds, having surpassed Asian CineVision’s New York-based Asian American International Film Festival, both in the number of films and programs, and PAAFF’s commitment to presenting multi-faceted portrayals of Asian Americans is evident this year. There are films from various genres, including horror, documentary and even music video, but Buscher is especially excited about PAAFF’s opening presentation, Seoul Searching, a John Hughes-style teen comedy in which a group of largely unsupervised Korean-American teens are sent to Korea by their parents to connect with their culture. “Anyone who has gone through adolescence will relate to this film,” he says. “It doesn’t matter what culture you come from.”

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