Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival

What is the
PAAFF Film Club?

Film Club was created by the PAAFF Programming team in early 2021 with the intention of gathering a community of film lovers— from casual filmgoers to budding cinéphiles, to appreciate, discuss and connect through Asian & Pacific Islander cinema. Monthly Film Club meetings start in March and end in July of each calendar year.

How does Film Club work?

The films are selected by the PAAFF Programming team and are curated from a wide range of genres, time periods, and representations, from across the entire Asian & Pacific Islander diaspora. Since members will watch films on their own time, the films are selected with access in mind, aiming for those that are widely available for free or at low cost on online screening platforms. Film Club meets virtually once a month, March-July, to engage in critical and enjoyable discourse on each film’s themes, technical achievements, and other storytelling feats. Each meeting’s conversation will be facilitated by PAAFF Staff. Film Club members are encouraged to join the Discord server for virtual watch parties and casual conversation throughout the season.

Who are the members?

(You, hopefully!) Members of PAAFF Film Club are individuals who are eager to watch and appreciate Asian & Pacific Islander diaspora films and connect with others to discuss and converse about these important works. Membership is FREE and open to all! Membership is not limited to peoples of Asian & Pacific Islander descent. We welcome anyone from any background to participate in these conversations and contribute their ideas, experiences, and energies. We also ask that everyone be respectful and thoughtful and follow the “take space, give space” rule.

Ok, you’ve convinced me.
How do I participate?

You can sign up for our Film Club newsletter in the sign-up box and be sure to click “PAAFF Film Club” when choosing which emails you’d like to receive.

Once you’ve been added to our newsletter list you’ll receive movie access links and Discord watch party dates several weeks prior to each club meeting along with viewing guides curated by PAAFF staff. Then sit back, watch the film, and reflect. Did you enjoy it? Is it relevant to your experience? Did it raise questions for you? You can share your responses and ideas with fellow club members at the monthly meetings.


Are we watching the films together?

PAAFF staff will organize Discord watch parties online for members who are interested in viewing the monthly film as a community. If you are unable to attend the watch party, the films are available to watch online (either free or low cost rentals) on your own time. The Film Club’s monthly meetings are for discussion only. Anyone is welcome to join the conversation, even if they have not watched or finished the film. (Just be prepared for possible spoilers!) We highly encourage those who can safely enjoy films together to do so!

How do I access the selected films?

Through the newsletter, PAAFF will direct you to streaming platforms that currently host the film for free or at low cost.

Do I have to attend every meeting in order to join the Film Club?

Members of the PAAFF Film Club are not required to attend every meeting. However, we highly encourage full participation in the series since our conversations will most likely build off of each other.

I’ve just found out about PAAFF Film Club and I’ve already missed some meetings. Can I still join?

New members are welcome to join at any time during the series!

Can I access recorded conversations if I miss a meeting?

In order to ensure a safe and open environment for sharing of thoughts and experiences, PAAFF Staff will not be recording any conversations without the written permission of everyone in attendance. We may compile some notes to send out in a follow-up email after each meeting.

I have a movie selection suggestion! Who should I talk to?

Though the series is already pre-selected by PAAFF staff, we are open to suggestions to add to our monthly viewing guides and to consider for our next Film Club series. Please use the contact form on our website or let our team know about your suggestion directly during meetings or through Discord messages.