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photo of Eddie Traffic
Jacqui Sadashige

Jacqui Sadashige

Philadelphia Premiere of Truckin’


Just a few days shy of Christmas 2013, the back gate on a truck bound for a slaughterhouse flew open. A young pig leapt off the truck, only to land on Interstate 80 in New Jersey. Due to the quick thinking of truck driver Paul “Ed” Waller, who witnessed the event, the pig survived both the fall and the traffic. Through a fortuitous series of events and a touch of Christmas magic, the young pig—now known by the name “Eddie Traffic”—ended up at Indraloka Farm Sanctuary in Mehoopany, Pennsylvania, where he will spend the rest of his days.

Photo collage of Indraloka animals
Some Indraloka Residents

Established in 2005, Indraloka Farm Sanctuary houses nearly 200 animal residents that include cows, chickens, turkeys, and, of course, pigs. Sanctuary founder Lahiri has a lifelong history of rescuing and nursing animals in need. In addition to managing the sanctuary (which is named after the Hindu god Indra), engaging in educational outreach, and cofounding a network for sanctuary owners called Global Coalition of Farm Sanctuaries, Lahiri maintains a blog about the Indraloka’s many residents. Eddie’s story, like many others, is written in vivid first person. In it, Lahiri imagines what might have motivated the young pig’s “leap of faith”: Operation 303: Freedom Awaits.

photo of Indra Lahiri
Indra Lahiri at the 2015 FARM Animal Rights National Conference

Due to the dramatic nature of Eddie’s escape and the feel-good end to his journey, local news was quick to pick up the story. Photographer Joel Anderson has since created a limited edition portrait of the local celebrity. And this past year, filmmaker and Indraloka Creative Director Johnny Braz released a feature-length documentary about the celebrity pig called Truckin’,The Story of Eddie Traffic. When asked why he chose Eddie’s story, he noted, “Being a filmmaker I see everything as a potential film idea. But his story was so perfect.” The film, which Lahiri and Braz premiered at the 2015 Farm Animal Rights Movement National Conference, was well received. Although Braz feels that the true test lies in how Truckin’ will appeal to a more mainstream audience, he already has a sequel in mind: Truckin’ Part 2 will focus on a group of chickens that fell off a speeding truck near the sanctuary.

Truckin’: The Story of Eddie Traffic

Sunday April 3

1 pm

The Rotunda

4014 Walnut St

Philadelphia, PA 19104

Truckin’ The Eddie Traffic Story premieres in Philadelphia this Sunday at The Rotunda. The screening is hosted by the AnimalACTivists of Philly and is free and open to to the public. The film will be followed by a Q&A with film director Johnny Braz. Drinks and snacks will be provided.

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