Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival

NBC covers PAAFF


NBC Covers PAAFF Milestone


“You don’t have to be Asian to come to the Asian American film festival…these are American stories. The characters just happen to be Asian.”

Festival Director Rob Buscher was interviewed by NBC’s Rosemary Connors last week about the festival’s 10 anniversary milestone and the art and the inspiration for the celebration of film.

After catching up on the interview, be sure to grab your tickets for the plethora of events happening right now through Sunday, November 19th.

On Friday the 17th join us for Shu-De!, the story of Balitmore’s beatboxer and vocal percussionist who has has spent his life mastering new sounds and fostering unlikely musical collaborations.

Then dive into the world of Hip-Hop with 4 Pillars—a shorts program that explores the 4 Pillars of Hip-Hop and the various Asian American communities that have immersed themselves in them. Don’t miss the incorporation of a special live performance by acclaimed Korean American rap duo Year of the Ox to follow.

On Saturday the 18th, explore the struggle of one family to survive intact amidst a culture in which relationships and human connection are almost impossible to maintain with The Valley.

Journey to Phnom Penh and shed light on the plight of Cambodian refugees caught in the school-to-prison-to-deportation pipeline with Deported.

Resist the incarceration of Japanese Americans in World War II with Resistance at Tule Lake.

Experience a a multi-media “Docu-Theatre” project that explores the intersectional identities of mixed-race Black & Asian individuals with Blasian Narratives.

Witness the true story of Chinese American chemistry student, filmmaker Angie Wang, who became the largest supplier of ecstasy on the West Coast in the early 1980s with Cardinal X.

Dance at the Cardinal X After Party in celebration of our 10 Year Anniversary!

On Sunday the 19th, see Taiji transform into the go-to battleground for international anti-whaling activists with A Whale of a Tale.

Get an intimate look at the rise of a new generation of French Chinese who identify with two cultures, speak two languages, and demand acceptance within contemporary French society with Paris Ni Hao.

The festival will close this coming Sunday with a screening of The Soul of the Tiger, the movie that Rob speaks about with Rosemary in the interview. Don’t miss it!


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