Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival

"Crush the Skull" is a comedic horror film.


Metro: 5 movies to see at the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival

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The Philadelphia Asian American Film Fest is showing more than 60 movies this year. We’ll help you narrow it down.

Now in its eighth year, the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival is going big with more than 60 films from over a dozen countries representing a wide diversity of Asian cultures. The 10-day fest features series focused on food, music and LGBTQ themes, along with a series of free screenings at South Philly community centers commemorating the 40th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War. Here are a few titles worth checking out.

1. “Aroma of Heaven”
As several interviewees repeat, in America a “cup of Java” is synonymous with coffee. This short doc examines the history and present state of the coffee industry in Indonesia, where some of the most valuable beans in the world are exported while locals drink an unpalatable blend of cheap imported beans and corn.

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