Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival

PAAFF 2009
  OCT. 9-OCT. 11

2009 Festival Recap

Director’s Statement

Welcome to the 2009 Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival!

Wow. We made it to year 2. In the little over a year that we’ve been around, our team of hard-working volunteers has truly given much of their time and energy throughout the year to make this festival possible. We have received much support from our corporate and community sponsors (HBO, Comcast, Greater Philadelphia Film Office, MAC, and many more), who make this festival possible and from the people of Philadelphia, who we do this festival for. This festival is for you regardless of your race, cultural background, and age; we feel there is something for everyone.

The 2009 Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival (PAAFF) will showcase 6 feature films, 5 documentaries, 29 short films, a Q&A with rising Holywood star and University of Pennsylvania alum, Aaron Yoo (Disturbia, 21), in addition to parties and networking opportunities. Our selections this year seek to highlight the Asian American experience through humor, horror, drama, and heart-wrenching fictional and true stories.

We’re very excited to have the festival at two great venues in Philadelphia; The Asian Arts Initiative and the Ibrahim Theater at the International House.

Welcome and enjoy the festival!

Joe Kim
Festival Director


We always believe that amazing work should be awarded and praised. These were the best of the best from our 2009 festival.

Director Tom Huang answering questions

Best Narrative Feature

Director: Tom Huang

Film Still from A Village Called Versaille

Best Documentary Feature

Director: S. Leo Chiang

Movie Poster for Formosa Betrayed

Audience Choice: Narrative Feature

Director: Adam Kane

Movie Poster for Operation Babylift

Audience Choice: Documentary Feature

Director: Tammy Nguyen Lee

PAAFF 2009 Photos

Best Short Film

Director: J.P. Chan

Cliff Song presenting Aaron Yoo with his rising Star award

Rising Star Award

THE memories

Festival photographs taken by Jaeson Han and Brian Canniff.